Welcome to the Youth and Family Achievement (YAFA) Program!




Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism’s Youth and Family Achievement Program, also known as YAFA. This program was developed to be easy for parents to use and local groups to administer, and designed to meet the changing needs and desires of our members with families.  Participation is open to families with at least one current paid member.


YAFA is optional at all levels. Kingdoms are free to implement and use the YAFA program, or not, as suits the needs of their families. Many kingdoms have expressed interest in using YAFA alongside, or integrating it into, their existing Page Guilds and other youth programs.  By providing a common Society-wide system of activities in the arts and sciences with goals, along with administrative and training systems for participating youths, parents, and Mentors, we believe the SCA can  more fully integrate youth and their families; maintaining and extending their participation. YAFA will aid in the development of the next generation of artisans and craftsmen of the Society. It is not designed to replace existing programs, but to support and supplement them.



More detailed information about the YAFA program can be found in the "Library of Documents" on the Resources page. This information can be accessed via the tab labeled "Resources" in the upper right hand corner of this page. Also listed on that page are a series of short video segments for Parents, Mentors and Administrators on how to use the YAFA program for the best results. Your feedback is always welcomed.