Achievement Mentors

Achievements in Division 1 are overseen by a Parent or Guardian. Parents & guardians may ask for Mentor services for Division 1 at their discretion and the mentor's availability.  In Divisions 2 & 3, each achievement will be overseen by a Mentor who is approved through the Mentor’s home Kingdom. Most YAFA activities will be overseen by an Achievement Mentor, who has acknowledged expertise in the achievement area as determined by the local branch. The Mentors will be responsible for ensuring participants understand the subject material, for coordinating activities, for approving completion of studies and for submitting their records to the appropriate person(s) to facilitate the presentation of the token of achievement.


Mentors will be recruited from the current paid members of their kingdoms and local groups through their professions, interests and service. They must have more than a working knowledge of the topics they mentor. They can mentor participants in all divisions (age groups), or they can opt to work with those divisions they know they work with the best. Mentors control whom they take on, controlling their mentoring loading as fits their personal schedule.