YAFA Mission and Vision


The mission is to create opportunities for youth activities while respecting, encouraging, supporting, and fostering the culture of individual Kingdoms. The program is based on a foundation of the arts, chivalry and service to help encourage values important to the Society. Youth participants completing their individually chosen areas of study will be eligible to wear tokens of achievement.

The vision for the YAFA program is to encourage active participation by families with children and teens in the study of a variety of medieval subjects and activities, sharing their experiences and accomplishments with others, and create ownership and investment in the Society.  The goal is to have an energetic society of honorable citizens developed from within. This program will guide and encourage young people and their families in seeking opportunities for involvement in the SCA. YAFA will aid in the development of the next generation of the Society's artisans and craftsmen.

 All participants must adhere to the rules and guidelines established in Society governing documents. All participants must be in compliance with the Society Youth Policy.