Society Policies Affecting Youth 

 These are paraphrased from the source. See the Seneschal’s Handbook, January 2021 Edition for the exact wording.

1. Minors are defined as anyone who has not reached the age of legal majority. This varies between countries, states, and other jurisdictions. Be sure of the age(s) of majority in your area. In the US, it is usually, but not always, 18.

2. SCA is a member, family, and youth friendly social organization. SCA children, youth, and teen activities and classes are offered as a positive means of encouraging the participation of minors in the SCA with their families while encouraging fun-focused learning about history and the SCA. Dedicated and/or published youth-oriented activities (SCA Youth Activities) are overseen by warranted Youth Officers at any and all events and activities. These Youth Officers must have successfully passed an SCA approved background check and the Youth Officer (and if applicable, YAFA Administrator) must be warranted.

3. Parents or guardians of minors shall have ultimate responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children at all times. It is the responsibility of the adult who brings a minor to an event to ensure that the minor is safe and not in danger. At events and activities in which youth participate in any way, participating minors must either have a parent or legal guardian present at the event/activity, or be accompanied by an adult in possession of a properly executed “Medical Authorization Form for Minors.” This Medical Authorization Form must designate an adult present at the event or activity as able to authorize medical treatment in case of emergency. This adult is also responsible for the minor’s welfare and behavior in the absence of the parent or legal guardian.

4. All warranted Youth Officers (deputies who ultimately report up to the Kingdom Seneschal) must have a current SCA membership and an approved, current, and valid background check. “Warranted” is defined as having a signed warrant making the individual in question an official deputy to the Kingdom Youth Officer or the Kingdom Seneschal. Youth and Family Achievement (YAFA) administrators must likewise be warranted; they must also have passed a current SCA-approved background check.

5. All official or “published” SCA Youth Activities must have one background checked adult member who acts as the official “coordinator” for the SCA Youth Activity. For example, if there are 10 youth A&S classes each in their own separate classroom, each classroom needs to follow the “two-deep r ule,” but only one overall youth “coordinator” responsible for all activity in all classrooms is needed. There are many activities of the SCA where informal instruction (mentoring) occurs that are open to attendance by minors, but do not constitute dedicated and/or published SCA Youth Activities. They are known by many names (e.g., Practices, Meetings, and Guilds, and Workshops). A minor’s attendance at an adult A&S class does not mean that class becomes an SCA Youth Activity simply because a youth is in attendance.

6. The “two-deep” rule specifies that for all SCA Youth Activities, a minimum of two adults (at or above the age of legal majority in the state, province or country in which the activity occurs) unrelated to one another by blood, marriage or personal relationship must be present. This policy does not relieve parents of their primary responsibility for the welfare and behavior of their children. One of these two adults may also be acting as the official coordinator for the Youth Activities going on.

7. For any criminal act involving a minor, modern authorities MUST be contacted. Inform the Kingdom Seneschal immediately. The Society Seneschal must also be informed, within 48 hours.

8. Branch and regional Seneschals, Marshals, Marshals-in-Charge, and Exchequers must be at least the age of majority for their jurisdiction. Be aware that the age of majority does vary between jurisdictions; these officers must be of the age of majority in each area that they serve.

9. Minors 15 years of age or older may serve as officers, except as stated above. Minors may serve in the allowed capacities only with the express written approval of the parent or legal guardian and their Kingdom superior, after they are notified of the age of the minor.

10. Minors younger than age 15 may not serve as Head Gatekeeper, Reservationist, etc., for an event. They may assist at the gate collecting funds, making change, etc., under the oversight of an individual permitted by SCA Corporate Policies to serve as an officer, who will be ultimately responsible for the accounting of the funds passing through the gate. Minors younger than age 15 serving in this capacity may not work unattended at an event gate at any time.

11. Medical treatment of minors is subject to the appropriate laws of the state, territory, province, and/or country where the event is held. In the case of a medical emergency involving a minor, the parent/legal guardian or, in the case of a minor attending with a non-parent/legal guardian, the temporary guardian with the Medical Authorization Treatment Form for Minors must be located. See Section XIII.D of the Seneschal Handbook.